14 December 2009

Jodi Award for Digital Access Online

The Jodi Awards for accessible cultural websites and digital media are annually granted by the Jodi Mattes Trust in Great Britain. The Jodi Mattes Trust was established to promote equal access to, and equal enjoyment of, art and culture for disabled people through the use of digital media. Jodi Mattes (1973-2001) was a tireless champion of equal access to culture for disabled people.

On Wednesday 2 December Dedicon and Loket aangepast-lezen received the Jodi Award 2009 for the category “Digital Access Online - International Award” for the “Streaming spoken books for people with a reading impairment” project. This streaming service is one of the components of the online catalogue on the Loket aangepast-lezen website, developed by Dedicon for Loket aangepast-lezen (Loket Aangepast-lezen is the front office for ordering leisure lecture for print impaired people in the Netherlands,) and the VOB (Dutch Public Libraries Association).

Another winner in this category was the Regional Library of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic: the Library is one of the few in the Czech Republic, and internationally, to provide Sign Language information on its website. The Library website also publicises services for visually impaired people: http://www.knihovna.kvary.cz/

Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities, Access to information

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