The Knowledge Rights 21 Programme, of which IFLA is a partner, has launched a call for individuals or organisations who can support advocacy at the national level around copyright law and policy reform in Europe.

A core long-term goal of the Programme, which has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Arcadia Fund, is to build the capacity to promote changes that will make it easier for libraries in Europe and beyond to fulfil their missions in a digital age.

In parallel, it looks to achieve progress in key areas where current laws and policies let down both libraries and their users.

National coordinators will have a key role in advancing both of these goals, identifying and supporting networks of individuals and volunteers at the national level who can lead efforts for change, and in advocating directly themselves.

They will also help ensure that the Programme can draw on information from across Europe in order to strengthen the evidence base for reform.

With coordinators taken on as contractors, this opportunity is open both to individuals and to organisations who can bring energy and expertise to this exciting role, working alongside the Programme Secretariat, experts, and colleagues across Europe to make a difference.

Applications are welcome on a rolling basis, and will be evaluated from 29 June onwards.

Find out more on the Knowledge Rights 21 website.