A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, between Mrs. Graciela Perrone, Director of the National Library of Teachers (BNM), Mr. Antonio Bellofatto, President of ABGRA (Association of Graduate Librarians of The Argentine Republic), Mr. Alejandro Santa, Director of General Coordination of the Library of the National Congress (BCN) and Dr. Jerónimo Vitti, Director of the Legal Advice Office of BCN and IFLA Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The purpose of this meeting was to analyze measures in order to implement Agenda 2030 in the national librarian field, through the articulated work coming from the different institutions represented.

In this regard, it was agreed that a meeting will be held at the BNM on April 28 in order to spread the work being carried out from libraries and ministries, seeking to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in our country and the Latin American region.