Hello Friends,

After more than a year, the coronavirus is still very much with us. Countries have channelled most of their financial resources to fight the virus and purchase vaccines to contain the spread. These have impacted many library operations as we compete for funding. Amid these, it is refreshing to learn that IFLA has secured approval for its new statutes that would give us the structures and tools to deliver a more inclusive, effectively and transparency organisation. You can read this in the IFLA announcement on their website.

We are proud to congratulate Mr. Winston Roberts from our Asia and Oceania Region for being awarded the IFLA Scroll of Appreciation at the IFLA General Assembly on 5 November 2020. He is not only one of the most active library leaders in New Zealand, but also in the global library field for many years. He has done us proud. A hearty congratulation to you, Winston on your achievement.

In this issue, we shared the recent publication by the National Library of Indonesia on

Impact Stories of Library Transformation based on Social Inclusion”. We also feature the “Memories of Two Cities”, a pictorial exhibition jointly presented by the Capital Library of China and the National Library Board Singapore. We are happy to feature the Fiji Library Association virtual lunchtime hourly presentation on the theme: “Reflections and Moving Forward”. This coincided with Fiji’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations and in support of the IFLA 2019 – 2024 Strategy in October 2020.

Do enjoy the articles in this issue and continue to stay safe and take care everyone.


Ms Soh Lin Li

Manager for IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania