23 November 2011

New documents put on the table at WIPO’s copyright meeting

The library and archive delegation at WIPO

The library and archive delegation at WIPO

A busy second day for the library delegation at the meeting of WIPO’s Copyright Committee: The United States introduced a paper on guiding principles of limitations and exceptions, while Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay put forward specific language on articles relating to reproduction and distribution of copies; library lending; obligations concerning technical protection measures; and limitation on liability for libraries and archives.

A substantial part of the day’s early exchanges considered the extent to which the SCCR was charged with text-based work towards an international instrument on libraries and archives, as opposed to exchanging best practice and guidelines in the area of limitations and exceptions. Nonetheless, the mood at the meeting has been productive, with some observers noting how fast Member States are engaging in specific recommendations on library and archive exceptions. With one day left of the time specifically devoted to libraries and archives, Member States have started the process of prioritising which exceptions should be addressed first. Wednesday’s meeting will clarify how much work remains to be done on any draft document and how far it will go towards meeting the needs of libraries and archives.

IFLA is working with WIPO Member States to gain support for a binding international instrument on copyright limitations and exceptions to enable libraries to preserve their collections, support education and research, and lend materials.

The WIPO Copyright Committee meeting takes place from 21 November until 02 December in in Geneva, Switzerland. 184 Member States discuss copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives and the visually impaired, as well as a treaty for broadcasting and for the protection of audiovisual performances.

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