The Cataloguing Section’s Names of Persons project webpage has a new file from Iran, for Persian/Farsi language. The document is divided into three parts: ancient pre-Islamic authors (to ca. 622),  post Islamic period (to 1929) , and modern names.

As an annex to the document is a reference transliteration table, taken from 2021 thesis of Nages-Khātun Azizian  “A comparative study of the structure of the computerized transliteration of the Persian authorized names database of the National Library & Archives of the I.R .of Iran and other information centres in comparison with existing standards: a model.” This table differs from the current transliteration standards, and aims to cover all the different regional variations, being so more inclusive for all the Farsi speakers from different countries.

The Section thanks the National Library and Archive of Iran, and especially Ms. Saeedeh Akbari-Daryan, for making this new addition possible.

You can download the file here:

Names of Persons - Iran (2022)

Guidelines for understanding the structure of Persian personal names for constructing valid entries and access points in catalogues, including romanizations schemes.

We hope this new document is useful for all the cataloguing community.

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