A number of changes have recently been made to the Officers Corner.

Finance and Projects

  • Officers have been emailed recently with details of the allocations for 2014 Admin Funds and news that the decisions have been made on all but one Project Funding request. The PC reached decisions on these in the December meeting and following some further follow-up and discussion with Officers and project proposers, has now finalized the details.
  • The Admin Guidelines have been updated for 2014
  • Projects information expanded and separated out into a new page with plans to further expand this.


New policies have been added (these were agreed some time ago by the PC but are only just posted online):

Coming soon

Plans are ongoing with the following and details should be expected in the next few months:

  • Draft recommendations concerning SC meetings (for input by Officers).
  • Updates to the Congress page and calendar for Lyon.
  • Notes from the 2013 Officers Training Session.