A new file devoted to Chinese names is available on the Names of Persons webpage, https://www.ifla.org/node/4953 . The file is divided into three parts, one for mainland China, with very interesting general explanation about Chinese names, and two smaller parts for the specials traits from Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions.

This is an excellent and library-oriented piece of information about how Chinese personal names are structured, and aims to be a guide for non-Chinese librarians to better understand and work with Chinese authors.

The file has been coordinated by Princilla Pun, and has been accomplished by Wang Yanqiao & Wang Yang, (National Library of China), Cheng, Po Ying Sidney, Bibliographic Services Committee of the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) and Tam, Man Lik Owen, Hong Kong Library Association, and Raymond Wong & Priscilla Pun, from the Macau Library and Information Management Association (MLIMA), The University of Macau Library