Help IFLA connect libraries around the world to better protect and provide access to documentary heritage! IFLA is seeking a partnership with a library to act as the coordinator of the IFLA PAC Centre Network – the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Network Hub.

This is an opportunity for a library that is interested in advancing their role in international librarianship and furthering the effectiveness of an international network of experts in the field of preservation and conservation.

The IFLA PAC Centres

IFLA currently has a network of 14 Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centres hosted in libraries around the world.

Their goal is to share their knowledge to help ensure that library and archive materials, published and unpublished, in all formats, will be preserved in accessible form for as long as possible according to the following principles :

  • Preservation is essential to the survival and development of culture and scholarship;
  • International cooperation is essential to the preservation of the world’s documentary heritage;
  • Each country must accept responsibility for the preservation of its documentary heritage.

The IFLA PAC Centres work actively in their region and field of expertise to further these principles.  They hold a wide range of expertise, from preservation in tropical climates to disaster preparedness, theft and trafficking, digital preservation, and more.

Each Centre is independent and sets their own priorities and forward plans. However, they are encouraged to work together, and with IFLA Headquarters, to exchange knowledge and develop tools across the network.

The PAC Network Hub

This role would ideally be embedded in the external engagement programme of a library with a keen interest in international librarianship and preservation. They would assist IFLA HQ in engaging the PAC Network, especially in cross-network collaboration and identifying opportunities to highlight the work of PAC Centres and the Network at large.

Acting as the PAC Network Hub puts the host at the forefront of preservation and conservation. It enables participation in a worldwide network, exchange of best practices and contribution to the furthering of the goals of the profession. It also gives the host the opportunity to participate in the wider preservation and conservation activities of IFLA, such as work with international partners like UNESCO Memory of the World.

Responsibilities of the PAC Network Hub

Similar to individual PAC Centres, IFLA will enter into an agreement for an initial term of three years with the option for renewal, subject to mutual agreement.

The new PAC Network Hub will have the following responsibilities:

  • Lead the coordination of IFLA’s PAC Network in partnership with IFLA Headquarters;
  • Liaise with the libraries that host IFLA PAC Centres to define and formulate strategic priorities, both individually and for the network as a whole;
  • Provide secretariat support for the PAC network;
  • Identify opportunities to amplify the impact of the PAC Network, including opportunities to work together regionally or across the full network, create and disseminate joint outputs, and connect PAC Centres to the worldwide cultural heritage community;
  • Encourage active participation from all PAC Centres and assist in outreach to less active centres
  • Supporting as far as possible the visibility of the work of the PAC Centres, and encourage regional and cross-regional cooperation and knowledge exchange between Centres;
  • Liaise with IFLA Headquarters and assist in communications and periodic reporting on PAC Centre activities

The host is responsible for organizing and funding its own operations and initiatives. IFLA HQ will provide assistance with developing strategic projects and facilitating communication and exchange with key international partners and IFLA’s wider network.

Submitting a proposal for hosting the PAC Network Hub

Please provide the following information:

  • A profile of your library and its preservation and conservation focus
  • A short description of your international engagement activities, and how being the PAC Network Hub would fit in with these
  • A short description of how your library would manage and resource the IFLA PAC Network Hub
  • A short description of what you would seek to achieve as the PAC Network Hub

The proposal must be authorized by the highest official of the submitting organisation.  The proposal should not exceed 10 pages in length including attachments. The submission will be evaluated through a Committee appointed by IFLA’s Secretary General.

Submission Deadline: 31 July

Please send your submission to IFLA’s Policy and Advocacy Manager ([email protected]) with the subject line: PAC Network Hub Proposal.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]