March 2010 IFLA Journal

Volume 36, No.1 (March 2010)



Best papers from Milan
Stephen Parker

The President’s Page

Isolation and information famine stifling Africa’s growth
Ellen R. Tise 5-6


New journal models and publishing perspectives in the evolving digital environment
Maria Cassella and Licia Calvi 7-15

The Cataloging Cultural Objects experience: Codifying practice for the cultural heritage community
Erin Coburn, Elisa Lanzi, Elizabeth O’Keefe, Regine Stein, and Ann Whiteside 16-29

Content development in an indigenous digital library: A case study in community participation
Elizabeth Greyling and Sipho Zulu 30-39

Interactive open access publishing and public peer review: The effectiveness of transparency and self-regulation in scientific quality assurance
Ulrich Pöschl 40-46

Changing visions of parliamentary libraries: From the Enlightenment to Facebook
Iain Watt 47-60

Not just another portal, not just another digital library: A portrait of Europeana as an application program interface
Cesare Concordia, Stefan Gradmann, and Sjoerd Siebinga 61-69

Bridging between libraries and information and communication technologies for development
Rebecca Sears and Michael Crandall 70-73


The Digital Library Futures Conference and the future of digital libraries within IFLA
Ingeborg Verheul 74-81

International Conference on Traditional Knowledge, New Delhi (India): Report
Sanjay K. Bihani 82

News 83-86

International calendar 87-88

Abstracts 89-100

Each issue covers news of current IFLA activities and articles,
selected to reflect the variety of the international information
profession, ranging from freedom of information, preservation, services
to the visually impaired and intellectual property.

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