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Promise, progress... and persistent problems: catching up on the situation for eLending in the United States

6 April 2021

    The past year has underlined how essential it is for libraries to be able to offer access to content digitally. With major expansion in demand from users, there have been both welcome moves from publishers to facilitate access, but also increasingly clear evidence of underlying challenges in the eBook market. We interviewed Sari Feldman and Alan Inouye, ALA, to get an update.

    Access not Administrative Burdens: IFLA signs letter on special trade provisions for least developed countries

    9 March 2021

      IFLA has lent its support to efforts to ensure that least developed countries continue to enjoy greater flexibilities and lower administrative requirements in implementing trade deals. Retaining these possibilities will support investment, and more favourable laws, for education and research, and the libraries that support them.

      Sustaining libraries in a digital world: Interview with Jennie Rose Halperin, Library Futures

      2 March 2021

        Library Futures is a newly created organisation in the United States, focused on the questions facing libraries in the digital world, with a view both to supporting learning and capacity building on the ground, and advocating for policy change. We interviewed Jennie Rose Halperin, Executive Director of Library Futures, to find out more.

        IFLA looking ahead on Copyright

        20 January 2021

          2021 has begun and IFLA is already on the way to being a busy year. While all libraries are facing information access problems because of COVID-19, we are committed to continuing efforts to build better opportunities for users through improved legal frameworks for copyright. Find out what our plans and expectations are for 2021.

          IFLA continues raising awareness around library needs at WIPO

          23 November 2020

            On 16-20 November 2020, the World Intellectual Property Organization hosted the 40th meeting of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR). The objective of this meeting – the first in over a year – was to take stock of work so far, and explore steps forwards on the Committee’s agenda, including its work on exceptions and limitations to copyright for libraries, archives and museums.

            Looking ahead to the 40th Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights

            12 November 2020

              On 16-20 November 2020, the fortieth session of the Committee on Copyright and Related Rights of the World Intellectual Property Organization will begin. The sessions will take place every day from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm (CET). An important meeting in a pandemic context In the context of a global pandemic, WIPO has needed to be flexible, and so is organizing, in agreement with its members, an online meeting to continue discussions on the agenda developed previously at the last meeting in October 2019.

              Users’ Rights Cannot be Collateral Damage: IFLA Submits Comments on European Commission Guidance on Upload Filter Provisions of Copyright Directive

              16 September 2020

                IFLA has submitted a response to a consultation by the European Commission on guidance to Member States on how to implement the controversial new provisions on internet platforms introduced by the 2019 Copyright Directive. In the face of efforts by rightholder organisations to wish away the protections offered for user rights – including the enjoyment of exceptions and limitations to copyright – IFLA has joined other groups working to safeguard these guarantees as part of a balanced overall regime.