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IFLA Submission Calls on US to Reject Efforts to Use Trade Measures to Delay Much-Needed Copyright Reforms

19 January 2020

    Efforts to use trade measures to delay or block long-overdue copyright reforms which will benefit libraries and their users are regrettable. In its comment to a review of South Africa’s enjoyment of preferential trade rules with the United States, IFLA has therefore called for the rejection of a petition seeking to punish the country for taking steps to improve how copyright functions.

    3 reasons why libraries should care about the EU-Digital Single Market Directive

    6 December 2019

      This Saturday, 7 December 2019, IFLA wishes to highlight an important date for European libraries: we are only 18 months from the final date of the implementation of the new European Copyright Directive in Europe, the Digital Single Market Directive. 7 June 2021 will be the deadline for Member States to complete the implementation procedure.

      IFLA at the International Conference on Exceptions and Limitations at WIPO

      17 October 2019

        This Friday 18th October, the International Conference on Exceptions and Limitations at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) begins. It will be an opportunity to deliver on the mandate given by Member States "to consider the opportunities and challenges provided by various international solutions including soft law, contractual/licensing and normative approaches, as appropriate". IFLA will be there, encouraging stakeholders to deliver a concrete action plan that improves the situation for libraries.

        Simplify, Unify, Diversify: an Interview with Jessica Want, New York Public Library

        16 July 2019

          Alongside growing concern in the United States and Canada about the conditions imposed on libraries looking to lend eBooks, there are also efforts to reduce dependency on third party distributors by building 'library-controlled' platforms. We interviewed Jessica Want, Director, Digital Products at New York Public Library to find out about one major initiative - Library Simplified. One such effort is Library Simplified, a collaboration between New York Public Library, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), and Lyrasis.

          Progress on Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright in Latin America and the Caribbean

          15 July 2019

            The third and final WIPO regional seminar on exceptions and limitations took place in Santo Domingo on 4-5 July. It looked into the copyright rules that define whether libraries, archives, museums, and education and research institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean can do their jobs. IFLA was there to promote the need for international action.

            Outcomes of the second WIPO regional seminar: #Copyright4Libraries in the African Region

            27 June 2019

              African countries have very different copyright laws, all at various stages of development and/or review. Some countries have very outdated copyright laws, whilst others have amended their copyright laws more recently, or are in the process of reviewing them, for example, Kenya and South Africa. IFLA and partner organisations advocated for adequate and balanced copyright laws for libraries, archives, museums, research and education at the WIPO regional seminar for the African region.

              European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market: what it is about and why libraries should care

              18 June 2019

                On 17 May 2019, after several years of discussion, the European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market was published in the official journal of the European Union. It enters into force on 20 June 2019, which marks the beginning of a two-year period for member states to change their laws in order to meet the objectives of the directive.