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International Solutions for Safeguarding Documentary Heritage in Latin America

10 October 2017

    The importance of preserving cultural heritage is global. All cultures and groups create works that tell the story of their past and present in ways which can both inspire and inform future generations. By acting globally – bringing together experts from different countries and with different specialisations – IFLA can help national actors achieve their goals more effectively. A conference co-organised by IFLA's Rare Books and Special Collections Section contributed to make this happen.

    Libraries Central to Global Efforts to Save Heritage from Destruction: IFLA Secretary General Speaks at Blue Shield General Assembly

    21 September 2017

      The preservation of cultural heritage is a core public interest mission of libraries. Speaking at the General Assembly of the Blue Shield, Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary-General, underlined their contribution to saving the past for the sake of the future, and welcomed collaboration with governments and other cultural heritage actors in order to deliver this key objective.