At the beginning of October, the Professional Committee issued its call for proposals for projects starting in 2013.


Each year the IFLA PC administers a fund for sponsoring projects undertaken by IFLA professional units and corresponding with IFLA’s Key Initiatives. The project fund comprises about half of the PC’s overall budget of 50,000 Euros and usually funds between 10 – 20 projects, either fully, or partly.


Any Professional Unit (Section, Special Interest Group or Strategic Activity) can apply for project funding from the PC according to the process outlined in the call. The proposal should be agreed by the relevant Standing Committee (for Special Interest Groups this is the Standing Committee of the sponsoring Section) and submitted by the Section or Strategic Activity’s Chair, via the Division Chair to the PC.


The deadline for submitting proposals to the PC is for funding of activities starting in 2013 is:
31st October 2012.