This is the draft agenda for the Professional Committee meeting due to take place on Monday 11th December 2017, 09:30 – 16:30, Room I5.200 – Koopman, IFLA Headquarters, KB Building, The Hague, The Netherlands.

It is proposed that the meeting is closed for items as indicated [closed] according to Rule 7.6.

Welcome and Apologies

1. General Business

1.1 Approval of Agenda
1.2 Minutes of previous meeting 18 August 2017
1.3 Actions from previous meetings

2. Professional Programme Development Plan: approval & implementation

2.1 Issues raised by the Professional Units
2.2 Professional Programme Development Plan: final version

2.3 Professional Programme Development Plan: implementation
2.3.1 Objective 1: improve the quality and impact of work Unit Action Plans    SIG and Section reviews [closed] Project funding [closed] WLIC 2018 programme proposals WLIC programme structure review Issues relating to Unit or Division activities IFLA Survey on Preservation and Conservation Publication of Unit activities

2.3.2 Objective 2: Strengthen communications between all stakeholders WLIC 2018 Professional Committee Programme to support Units Mapping of the Units’ activities Unit Annual Reports

2.3.3 Objective 3: Support full engagement of committee members and develop leadership Roles and procedures within the Unit Standing Committees Coaching programme IFLA Awards nominations [closed]           

3. Business matters

3.1 PC Funds 2017, 3rd Quarter report [closed]
3.2 Draft PC Funds 2018 [closed]
3.2.1 Guidelines on remuneration and reimbursement
3.3 IFLA publishing activities report
3.4 Business arising from Units’ Action Plans

4. Procedural matters

4.1 Procedural matters recommended for approval
4.2 SIG Proposals [closed]
4.3 Endorsement of publications
4.4 New professional award
4.5 Standards Review Groups – review report implementation plan

5. Any other business

6. Dates of next meetings

Next Governing Board meetings: 22 – 24 March 2018, Barcelona, Spain. Precise date and location to be confirmed.