This is the Draft Agenda for the Professional Committee meeting, Friday 12th August and Friday 19th August 2016, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, United States:

Welcome and apologies

1. General Business  

1.1 Approval of Agenda
1.2 Minutes of previous meeting 11th April 2016
1.3 Actions from previous meetings
1.4 Introduction of the new Secretary General
2. Professional Programme Development Plan: implementation    
2 Professional Programme Development Plan: check progress

2.1 Objective 1: improve the quality and impact of work
2.1.1 Mapping of the Units’ activities
2.1.2 PC’s programme during WLIC 2016 to support Units
2.1.3 Reports on progress in Divisions
2.1.4 Standards Review Groups – review report implementation plan
2.1.5 Libraries, Data and Development

2.2 Objective 2: Strengthen communications
2.2.1 Web redesign project update
2.2.2 Multilingualism
2.2.3 Project support tools – communications software
2.2.4 Officers’ networking (Officers Reception)
2.2.5 IFLA publishing activities report
2.2.6 IFLA Journal

2.3 Objective 3: Demonstrate performance and impact
2.3.1 Follow-up from the WLIC week in preparation for the December PC meeting
3. Business matters
3.1 PC Funds 2016, 2nd Quarter report

4. Procedural matters
4.1 Procedural matters approved by the PC and Division Chairs
5. Any other business

6. Dates of next meetings
December 2016, IFLA HQ, The Netherlands:

  • Wednesday 7th December (to be confirmed).

Dates in 2017 to be confirmed by the Governing Board.