The following is the DRAFT AGENDA for the Professional Committee, Friday 14 August 2015, Room 1.61/1.62 CTICC Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome and Apologies
1.       General Business
1.1     Approval of Agenda
1.2     Minutes of previous meeting 13 April 2015
1.3     Matters arising and progress (general)
1.3.1  From the Action List
1.3.2  Decisions since last meeting, to be read into the Minutes
1.4     Matters arising during WLIC
1.5     Issues to take forward with the new PC                    
1.5.1  Communications Strategy and Plan (including Web Redesign)
1.5.2   Project funding call for 2016 – strategic project ideas
1.5.3   Governance of Standards working/review groups
1.5.4   IFLA Publishing Programme Update
1.5.5   Provision of tools for professional units
1.6      Any other business
1.6.1   WLIC issues arising for discussion