The following is the Draft Agenda for the Professional Committee meeting, Sunday 6th December 2015, Court Garden Hotel, The Hague, Netherlands.

Welcome and Apologies

1.     General Business  

1.1   Approval of Agenda
1.2   Minutes of previous meeting 14th August 2015
Notes from the teleconference of 29th October 2015
1.3   Actions from previous meetings              

2.     Professional Programme: strategic and operational matters

2.1   Feedback from the Professional Units on the IFLA Strategic Plan
2.2   Professional Programme Development Plan: final version
2.3   Professional Programme Development Plan: implementation

2.3.1 Objective 1: improve the quality and impact of work   Overview of the Professional Unit Action Plans   Summary of Professional Unit Action Plans by Division   Overview of Project Funding submissions   Report on IFLA publishing activities   Overview of WLIC2016 and WLIC2017 Professional Programmes

2.3.2  Objective 2: Strengthen communications   Communications Strategy and outline planning 2016   Web redesign project plan   Multilingualism   Project support tools   Communications between the PC and the Professional Units

2.3.3  Objective 3: Demonstrate performance and impact   Reports on progress in Divisions   Professional Units Annual Reports 2015

3.     Business matters

3.1   PC Funds 2015
3.2   Draft PC Funds 2016

4.     Procedural matters

4.1   Procedural matters approved by the PC and Division Chairs                

5.     Discussion session

6.     Executive session


7.     Any other business

8.     Date of next meeting
Governing Board dates (full agenda of dates not yet known): The Hague:  11 – 13 April 2016.