23 November 2011

Reception at WIPO: IFLA thanks for great interest in libraries

On Tuesday evening, IFLA held a reception for the WIPO delegates. Among the guests were also representatives from the library world, including international library experts, the Director of the Swiss National Library and colleagues from many of the UN libraries in Geneva. The event took place in new WIPO administration building in front of the new WIPO library.

After a word of welcome by Franics Gurry, WIPO Director General, the IFLA President Ingrid Parent addressed the guests. She thanked the guests for their interests in libraries and extended her gratitude to “all of the member states that have worked with us to achieve this opportunity, particularly the members of the African group who have put forward a proposal in favour of libraries and archives, and to Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Pakistan, India and the United States for their active and concrete contributions to this session of the SCCR”. 

The event was a great success for IFLA. The reception enabled the library delegation to thank all guests for their interest in libraries and their needs.

IFLA thanks WIPO for all of their help in arranging this event, and the Swiss Library Association who have kindly provided financial support for the event.

Read the full Word of Welcome by Ingrid Parent, IFLA President.

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