At the 2018 World Library and Information Congress in Kuala Lumpur, SOCRS held an open program on scholarly communication. The program featured papers from across Asia and Africa.  The main takeaway was the steady march of Open Access (OA) within the world of scholarly communication.  It is vibrant and active in Nigeria. Institutional repositories have been crucial in expanding the reach of scholarly communication there.  The same importance of OA is clear in both Hong Kong and Thailand, though reflected in slightly different ways Yet, OA does not end completely the challenge of rights management, a subject raised by many the speakers.  In Thailand, they have found that OA also does not address the needs of digital preservation. In both Nigeria and Hong Kong, the issue of how to fund OA looms large.  But it was not only about challenges. Librarians from the National University of Singapore shared exciting new uses of bibliometrics. Colleagues in India informed us that the opportunities offered by the changing world of scholarly communication excite librarians there. The future of scholarly communication around the world is challenging, but also exciting. You can read more about it here.