We are pleased to present SDG Stories from Asia and Oceania, a booklet which aims to showcase how libraries in the Asia-Oceania region are supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 20 stories from 12 countries in the region. Each SDG story narrates an activity, project or programme implemented by libraries and their partners, which is addressing community needs and making a significant impact on community life at the local, national or regional level.

The IFLA Asia and Oceania Section Standing committee (to 2021) collated this collection of SDG stories from libraries in the region in response to a call made to members to share SDG stories from their respective countries. The stories are organised according to what were the six subregions of Asia and Oceania: West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Oceania, with at least one story from each subregion included in this booklet.

Following the implementation of IFLA’s governance and structural review just before this booklet was published last year, the former IFLA subregion known as West Asia became part of a new regional division known as Middle East and North Africa. The other five subregions are now part of the IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Division.









Sample stories from the booklet are below:












We would like to acknowledge the support of the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) for this document.

The new IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Division Committee is planning to release a follow-up issue of the booklet to include additional stories from the region, particularly from countries that were not represented this time round.

SDG Stories from other parts of the world can be viewed through the IFLA Library Map of the World which currently features 55 stories from 33 countries. The goal of the Library Map of the World SDG stories section is to collect SDG stories from libraries and countries across the world. It features a Storytelling Manual which works as a practical guide to help compose compelling stories about library activities, projects and programmes that demonstrate their impact on communities and people’s lives. It is also intended to provide support in the process of preparing and submitting a story to the Library Map of the World.

Use this SDG Storytelling Flowchart to better understand if your story is suitable for the Library Map of the World and to check if you have all elements you need for the submission.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Library Map of the World team at [email protected] or Kristine Paberza, Member Engagement Officer at IFLA HQ, at [email protected].

Written by: Jayshree Mamtora, Member, IFLA Regional Division Committee for Asia and Oceania