23 June 2011

Statement of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights about the protection of broadcast organizations

Barbara Szczepanska on behalf of IFLA and eIFL delivered the following statement on Tuesday June 21st.

SCCR 22 statement - June 21, 2011

Agenda item 8 Protection of broadcast organisations

Broadcast statement

Thank you, Mr Chairman. I am speaking on behalf of the International Federation of Library Associations and Electronic Information for Libraries.

We have a brief comment on item 8 Protection of broadcast organisations.
We believe that piracy of broadcast signals is already adequately dealt with under existing laws and treaties, and there is no compelling public policy reason to introduce a new international instrument.

We take note of documents SCCR/22/5, 6 and 7. We do not see any change in the prospects for agreement with regard to objectives, specific scope, and object of protection after more than a decade of discussion.

At the same time, the Committee has on its agenda the issue of limitations and exceptions, an important part of the copyright system that balances the rights of rightsholders and users in support of creativity, access and innovation.

Finally, we support the Joint Statement of Certain Civil Society, Rightsholders, and Private Sector Representatives on the table outside this room.

Barbara Szczepanska  

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