18 May 2011

Thank you from Ibrahim RAMJAUN Librarian, NL of Mauritius

By Lindi

Dear colleagues at Unisa Library

I am writing to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful work done by the organising team of Unisa together with the sponsors and the IFLA Africa Regional Office by taking up the challenge of organising this great summit. South Africa proved to the world of what she was capable of by organising the World Soccer tournament in 2010. Unisa and others replicated this success this year by hosting such a historic event. I wish I could reward each of you for the tremendous amount of hard work put into this summit. You proved to be an excellent host, indeed! This conference also enabled us to forge strong links with great professionals across the continent. Our only desire is to see a follow-up action plan to bring the cause of African librarianship still further. May the Almighty bless you all in your personal and professional life.

yours sincerely Ibrahim RAMJAUN Librarian, NL of Mauritius.

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