23 December 2011

Ulverscroft/IFLA Best Practice Awards - 2011

By Posted by Minna von Zansen, Joint Information Coordinator, IFLA LPD

The Ulverscroft Foundation and the IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section are pleased to announce the outcome of the bids for funding from the 2011 programme. The Ulverscroft Foundation had made 10,000 Pounds GB available for awards to library workers to assist the development of library services for print disabled people worldwide and to foster cooperation between library services serving these persons.

The following awards have been made:

Marianne Kraack, Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, New Zealand. £4,300 for a two week visit to Celia Library in Finland to study developments in technology and the use of DAISY protocols and how they can be used to deliver DAISY files to geographically remote areas,

Jelena Lesaja, Croatian Library for the Blind. £1,810 to visit the NOTA Library in Copenhagen and understand how the Danish approach to dyslexia could be implemented in Croatia and to attend a Conference in Copenhagen during the visit

Kristina Janc of the Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjižnica (National & University Library) Slovenia. £1,240 to visit the RNIB National Library for the Blind, UK with the aim of establishing a national library for the blind in Slovenia

Megan Gilks of the RNIB UK and Marieke Belt of Loket aangepast-lezen, The Netherlands. £2,500 for a two-week exchange visit to explore ways of marketing their services, in particular DAISY, by sharing ideas and practical experience.

The judges for the award were David Owen, Chair of the Ulverscroft Foundation, Allan Leach, Trustee Ulverscroft Foundation and Dick Tucker, formerly Deputy Director of the Force Foundation Worldwide. David Owen said there had been more applications this time, and that had made the Judges’ job more difficult. However, they were pleased to be able to award funding to four excellent proposals to implement or enhance projects for print disabled people throughout the world.

For further details about the award please contact:

Joyce Sumner, Secretary, Ulverscroft Foundation

Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities

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