Management & Marketing Standing Committee Chair Anya Feltreuter provides an update on the work of the section.

Members of the Committee

For those of you who haven´t met me, my name is Anya Feltreuter and I am the Library Director of Mjolby Public Library, Sweden. I have been a member of the M&M Committee since August 2017 and Chair since August 2019. The Secretary of the M&M Section is Leslie Weir, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, and our Information Coordinator is Jeremiah Walter, Internal Communications Specialist at Pikes Peak Library District, United States. You will find the names of all the Committee members here.

Programmes in Athens

For the WLIC 2019 the IFLA Management & Marketing Section arranged a Satellite meeting on August 22-23, in Samos. The Satellite was a great Success with a fabulous host, Samos Public Library. It was a strong programme with excellent papers that are now published in the IFLA website.

In Athens the IFLA Management & Marketing Section arranged and co-arranged three successful sessions:

  • Session 153: #marketinggenius – Beg, Borrow, or Steal Great Ideas from Around the World with presentations by IFLA PressReader International Marketing Award Winners 2019 and a keynote speech by Bonnie Mager from Invercargill City Libraries and Archives, New Zealand.
  • Session 259: Library Love Stories together with IFLA New Professional SiG, a 2-hour session exploring this theme from a range of different angles – from the ways that libraries can tap into ideas of love and passion as a way of celebrating libraries, to representations and reinterpretations of traditional love stories, to managing relationships whilst maintaining professional conduct, and more! This session was livestreamed and recorded.
  • Session 251: Coaching Drop in Session with CPDWL offered career and professional development coaching for the individual. The focus of the coaching is be to help develop the individual’s career and professional development. The coach helps the individual to move from where one is, to where one needs to go and wants to be. The coach supports the coached person to see ways and opportunities to move forward in his or her professional life; different areas was be covered depending on the need. The focus is on supporting the individual to lead herself/himself and for the individual to identify areas in need of development. 

Current Work of the Committee

At the moment we are finalizing the Action plan and the Annual Report 2018-2019 for the Section. I will send the action plan to you as soon as it is approved by IFLA Head Quarters and will share the Annual Report 2018-2019 once it is completed.

We plan to announce the call for submissions to the Marketing Award in mid November. Cindy Hill is the Chair of the Marketing Award 2020.

Since we have many new committee members and we want everyone to be able to participate in the work of the committee we have divided the members into different teams. The information team is working on updating our social media and other information, the Marketing Award Jury, will promote the Marketing Award and work on the reviewing the submissions and the Coaching Initiative Working Group, will continue the work with the Coaching Initiative together with CPDWL. We also have two other working groups preparing for three open sessions in Dublin – one session will be a cooperation with CPDWL on burn-out and stress, the second session will be a cooperation with MLAS on Library map of the world and the SDG´s and third session will be on marketing, and will include the winners of the Marketing Award. The last working group  is the Management Skills Building Working group, which is working on hosting a webinar on management (theme to be decided) together with CPDWL and New Professionals SIG.

Our Midwinter-meeting will be in Ottawa, Canada, in February, which will include the business meeting and review of the submissions to the Marketing Award  as well, we will host a programme for Canadian Librarians on management and millennials. 

Please contact me if you have questions regarding our work and do follow us on Facebook and our website.

Best regards,

Anya Feltreuter
Chair, Management & Marketing Section