Greetings New Professionals!

It’s turning from summer to fall here in the Northern hemisphere, and with the change of leaves comes changes with our group. The most immediate changes you’ll notice are to our site and our leadership. Sebastian Wilke is taking a step back from his role as convenor, but don’t worry- he’ll still be active in the group. I’m excited to assume the post of Convenor and have been working hard with Kimberly White, our new Information Coordinator, to come up with the best, most interesting content and programming for new professionals in our field. You can read more about the two of us over on the NPSIG Leadership Team page. Speaking of Kim, she is the mastermind driving our current online makeover. You’ll notice that the site is a bit different from when we last updated in August. Kim’s re-organized the site to group relevant posts and content together and make it easy to find the information you want. We will still be posting on our blog, providing news about upcoming events, and archiving past events on the site. Kim will be updating our other onlines spaces (think Twitter, Facebook, the IFLA site, etc.) in the coming weeks with our new logo. We hope you like our new look!

In addition to the site makeover, we also have plans to expand our content. We’d like to start featuring stories from new professionals on their experiences in school, at work, travelling for conferences, pretty much anything that illustrates what libraries in your life and in your country. Keep an eye out for those updates, and if you’d like to contribute, write to us! In addition to updates like these, we also want to bring you news from the international stage, especially when it involves IFLA. Lastly, we want to help connect the dots between libraries and other big movements, and to that end we’re thinking a lot about libraries, international development, and information technology and policy, among other things.

But those are all long term plans! To bring it back to the immediate future, we are hosting the next installment of the New Librarians Global Connections webinar series. You can tune in next Tuesday, October 14th for a session on Information as a Human Right– details here.

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support of the group! Your leadership team is extremely excited to get to work making NPSIG the best resource for new librarians and information professionals. If you ever have a question or suggestion for the group, please feel free to reach out to us.