On Thursday, August 24, a meeting on the effective implementation of the Marrakesh treaty, headed by the National Deputy of the Socialist Party, Gabriela Troiano, took place in the annexed building of the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine National Congress.

This treaty has been ratified by our country in 2014 through Law 27.061, and facilitates access to printed works for the blind or visually impaired persons.

Deputy Troiano (Vice-President of the Disability Commission), presented a draft resolution requesting the Executive Branch to effectively implement the law that guarantees organizations of visually impaired persons, and entities that serve these people, libraries, schools and universities the exception to the payment of copyright, by getting accessible works just like the rest of the students and users, and being part of the international exchange, which are, in short, the guidelines of the agreement.

During the meeting, Pablo Lecuona, from Tiflonexos Organization – the civil organization that created the first Spanish-speaking digital library for blind people- said that it is essential to adapt the national legislation to the Marrakesh Treaty, mainly the adaptation of the Copyright Law.

The meeting was attended by officials from the Argentine Federation of Institutions for the Blind and Visually Impaired, National Network for the Rights of Persons with disabilities (REDI), representatives from The Library of the National Congress, publishers and staff of the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine National Congress, among others.