21 December 2015

IFLA MetLib 2016 Qatar - Call for papers extended to January 31, 2016

~~Call for Papers


Pearls in the desert: unleashing potential

Doha - Qatar

23-28 April, 2016

Hosted by: Qatar National Library


Metropolitan libraries are meant to provide people with knowledge and information to realize their potential and become active contributors to their society’s development. A pearl inside a shell starts with a grain of sand and grows into a beautiful gemstone after a long process of nurturing and care by the oyster. Likewise, the potential which every human has needs nurturing and can develop into a great skill or ability no matter how small that potential can be.

To explore the impact of the development of human potential through libraries, the METLIB 2016 Qatar Organizing Committee welcomes paper proposals that address the following themes:

Theme 1 - How libraries support personal development

Theme 2 - How libraries support training

Theme 3 - How libraries develop their staff

Topics could include – but are not limited to:

· Partnerships or collaborative activities that extend services into the community

· The impact of innovative library programs that develop literacy, lifelong learning, IT skills, employment skills, second language learning, creativity and imagination

· Programming and service to underserved populations

· Programming and service to patrons with disabilities

· Nurturing and developing library staff to deliver best library services

· How libraries are managing changing user expectations through strategy, planning, process, training and recruitment

· Using emerging technologies in effective delivery of services and communications

There will also be an opportunity for attendees to participate in a “PechaKucha” – a presentation technique with 20 slides for 20 seconds each. For more information, please see http://www.pechakucha.org/

The sessions will be conducted in English. Therefore, all proposals and presentations are required to be in English. The selected presenters are requested to share the Power Point slides for their presentation before the conference. They will also be requested to submit a final paper which will be made available through the Qatar National Library’s digital repository. The papers must be original, have not been published elsewhere and should be written in English.

Submission Guidelines

The proposals should be submitted in electronic format and must contain:

· Title of the paper

· Author(s) of the paper

· Abstract or summary of the paper (500 words maximum)

· Speaker’s name, address, professional affiliation, email address, and biographical note (50 words maximum)

Please submit proposals to: Allan Groen - QNL’s Associate Director for Public Services

Email: agroen@qf.org.qa

Important Dates
31 January, 2016 - Deadline for submission of abstracts and the PechaKucha proposals

29 February, 2016 - Notification of acceptance of paper and the PechaKucha contributions

15 April, 2016 - Deadline for submission of power point presentations

13 May, 2016 - Deadline for submission of final paper to be made available through the QNL’s digital repository

Attending the conference is not linked to the acceptance of abstracts. Librarians can register for the conference and attend it even if they are not giving a paper/presentation.

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