Leadership Programme

Key Initiative 4.3:

Advancing our Leadership Programme

Activity 4.3.1 Deliver effective capacity building materials

We will package our International Leaders programme materials as a suite of activities that can be delivered at library events and conferences.  We will offer opportunities for participants to experience advocacy situations and to enhance their skills.

Activity 4.3.2 Introduce a new International Leaders Programme cohort

We will plan and implement a new International Leaders Programme cohort for 2016-2018.

Key Actions:

Activity 4.3.3 Extend our pool of experienced leaders

We will develop a strategy to commence in 2017 to engage leaders from our completed Leaders Programme and Partner programme cohorts in IFLA activities, reinforcing their skills development and enlarging IFLA’s, and partners, pool of experienced advocates at all levels and in all regions.

Last update: 3 December 2018