26 January 2016

WLIC 2016 Call for Papers: Information Technology Section

Theme: Skills and Knowledge for Citizens in an Open Data and Technology Environments

The Information Technology Section is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at WLIC 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. We are seeking papers that highlight the skills and knowledge that are useful for citizens in an open data and technology environment. A free exchange of information has many aspects including political, economic, and technical. We are interested in papers that address these from a citizen’s point of view.


Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • The role of the library in providing access to open data and support to citizens.
  • Standards and best practices for open data
  • Open policy making and transparency
  • The value and challenges of providing and accessing open data

Papers presenting innovative projects, experience, initiatives or services with a strong collaborative cross-border or international dimension would also be appreciated.

Full details: IFLA WLIC 2016 website

Information Technology, Access to knowledge, Open Data and Technology

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