Impact of the copyright legislation on libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean

The IFLA Standing Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (IFLA LAC) is conducting a project called “Impact of the copyright legislation on libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean” which aims at identifying and recording the main difficulties, problems and situations that libraries are facing in the work situation and when offering quality services in the digital era. For this integrated project we are inviting the Library association, or a college of librarians or the National Library from each country of the region (in this sequence). 

We would like that all LAC National Libraries Associations play an active role in this research, by conducting the analysis of your country’s situation, and finding examples, together with the national, public, university and specialized libraries, in order to present a report that summarizes the field research findings. If your Association does not have a Copyright Committee, and no member is  proficient in the subject, you can invite an expert from outside your association to work with your team, or to completely take over the task.


Group on Facebook: Impacto de la Legislación del derecho de autor en las bibliotecas de América Latina y Caribe

Last update: 5 July 2016