30 March 2016

Bibliography Section Standing Committee Meetings Cape Town

By R. Lubas

Bibliography Section Standing Committee Meetings Cape Town

Saturday 15. August and Tuesday 18. August

Notes prepared by the secretaries: Anke Meyer-Heß (meeting 1) and Anders Cato (meeting 2)

1. Standing Committee meeting I  (Saturday 15. August 12.30-15.00)

1.1. Welcome and introductions.

1.2. Adoption of the agenda.

1.3. Officers’ Training Session - Information from Divisional Brief

1.4. Section financial report

1.5. Standing Committee elections.

1.6. Action plan follow up.

1.7. Action plan 2014-2015 (all)

2. Standing Committee meeting II  (Tuesday 18. August 2015, 16:45-18:15) 5

2.1. Welcome and introductions.

2.2. Adoption of the agenda.

2.3. Information from Division Leadership Forum (Miriam, Anders)

2.4. WLIC 2015 open program assessment

2.5. WLIC 2016 section program..

2.6. Action plan 2014-2015 revisited (all)

2.7. Major developments (all)

2.8. End of meeting.

1. Standing Committee meeting I

(Saturday 15. August 12.30-15.00, Meeting Room 2.64-2.66)

Present:  Anders Cato, Anke Meyer-Heß, Jay Weitz, Mathilde Koskas, Rebecca Lubas, Miyuki Tsuda, Sinikka Luukkanen, Miriam Nauri, Grazyna Federowicz, Pat Riva, Carsten Andersen, Vincent Boulet, Nikki Poitgieter

Missing: Grazyna Jaroszewicz,  Young Ah Hong, Gulissa Balabekova; Natalya Lelikova, Alexandra Teplitskaya, Jihye Song

Regrets: Glenn Patton, Neil Wilson, Karin Kleiber

Observers: Henriette Fog, Hanne Hørl Hansen, Julianne Beall, Ricardo Santos, Karin Hodder, Clement Oury

1.1. Welcome and introductions

The agenda was adopted and added by one further topic for taking of a new section picture.

1.2. Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted and a further topic for the new standards committee was added.

1.3. Officers’ Training Session - Information from Divisional Brief

Anders Cato and Anke Meyer reported from the Officers Training Session which was formerly known as the Divisional Brief. Main topic of the training session was the draft of the IFLA Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Officers were encouraged to discuss the strategic direction in several meetings.

Andreas Cato further stressed the roles and responsibilities of the standing committee members, which are next to others the obligation to attend the meetings. Further responsibilities can be looked up at IFLA website

Further it was stressed that committees are strongly encouraged to develop an action plan (see below), to prepare an annual report, and to focus on communications.

1.4. Section financial report




Project Funds

870 Euros

716,83 Euros

Mid Term Meeting in London

Admin Funds

150 Euros

40 Euros

Promotional Material (Bookmarks)

100 Euros

Catering for Promotion Party  (catering for a launching party of the new online publication)

1.5. Standing Committee elections

A new chair, secretary and information officer were elected


Miriam Nauri

Secretary and treasurer

Anders Cato

Information officers

Rebecca Lubas

1.6. Action plan follow up

1.6.1. Section information sheet

The section information sheet was revised, updated and uploaded on the website.

The updated version is already available in French but the other translations still have to be updated.

1.6.2. New joint newsletter with Cataloguing, and Classification & Indexing Sections (all)

This year one merged newsletter with three sections (Cataloguing and Classification and Indexing) was published. The newsletter was considered very useful by all recipients. However it was discussed to publish a special newsletter for the section, with less information just as recovery of the past activities. 

Further it was suggested to have a midyear video conference to stay updated.

1.6.3. Replacing “National Bibliography in the Digital Age” with “Best Practice for National Bibliographic Agencies in the Digital Age”

It was decided to spread the work over a wider group of section members.

The following new topics were proposed: 

  • Purpose an value of NBs (Miriam)
  • Scoping and selection (Pat)
  • Book production
  • User Groups

Translation: It was decided, that a current translation of the text was not possible due to the current update of the text.

To new members were added to the group:  Miriam Naurie and Pat Riva

1.6.4. National Bibliographic Register

Any SC member who has not already supplied details of their national bibliography is encouraged to do so.

Last year was no progress of the coverage made. There was no feedback from African libraries.

1.6.5. UBC statement

No more translations needed. 

1.6.6. National Libraries’ RDA policy decisions

Denmark: Proposal how and when to integrate RDA will be made by the end of the year.

Germany: Started to catalogue according to RDA the 1st of October 2015.

Sweden: Will replace the central Catalog (LIBRIS) by LIBRIS XL which is in open linked data.

  • Use of cataloguing rules
  • Vocabulary for linked data

Canada: RDA adopted on an standard level, however no formal policy

France:  Adopting RDA to French background and compliant to web of data and FRBR und ISBD. Will be done by a step by step publishing and changing process.

1.6.7. Communication

All members were requests to strengthen communication through blog postings, news and information on events etc. All members are invited to write blog postings. 

1.7. Action plan 2014-2015 (all)

One new item for the action plan was proposed:

Changing of Name

2. Standing Committee meeting II
(Tuesday 18. August 2015, 16:45-18:15 in Meeting Room 1.61-1.62)

Present: Anders Cato, Anke Meyer-Heß, Jay Weitz; Rebecca Lubas, Natalya Lalikova, Miriam Nauri, Sinikka Luukkanen,  Pat Riva; Grazyna Federowicz, Nicola Potgieter; Carsten H. Andersen, Miyuki Tsuda

Missing: Mathilde Koskas, Alexandra Teplitskaya, Jihye Song

Observers: Chantal Moukoko

2.1. Welcome and introductions

Miriam Nauri welcomed all members and observers and asked all present to introduce themselves. 

2.2. Adoption of the agenda

An item 2.6.3 “Possible name change of the section” was added to the agenda.
The agenda was adopted.

2.3. Information from Division Leadership Forum (Miriam, Anders)

Miriam and Anders reported from the Division Leadership Forum.

  • During this meeting there was a break out session where we were put in different groups where various topics were discussed.  We were in a group with the Knowledge Management, Cataloging, and the Classification & Indexing Sections. We discussed the Strategic Initiatives for 2016 and how we can make information more readily available for everyone through the work of our sections.

    We need to promote transparency in how we organize information to make the results more clear. Data should be more attractive for use, and our systems should be more open. We need to “unlock” the catalog, make the date attractive and easy to find and use or why do we matter. We face the risk of becoming barriers to more sharing, if we do not change.

  • Miriam brought up the question of a name change and those formalities were gone through.
  • A new template for the Action Plan is available.
  • The sections communication plans should be put up on the website

2.4. WLIC 2015 open program assessment

The program was much appreciated and several persons had come up afterwards and expressed their satisfaction.  The papers were of high quality and the location was good, however a bit too big though. It is important that people understand the scope of the open programme, but this time they very clearly did that.

2.5. WLIC 2016 section program

The next WLIC will take place in Columbus, Ohio, United States, from the 13th until the 19th of August, 2016. The congress theme will be: "Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation”. Our section will also have an open program and an arranging team was set up to start organizing that. Several ideas for subjects were brought up, such as Connections, Collaborations, Community, (National) Bibliographic services, National & International Collaboration.

The arranging team will work further with formulating the theme.

The arranging team will be: Rebecca Lubas, Anke Meyer-Heß, Grazyna Federowicz, and Miriam Nauri.

2.6. Action plan 2014-2015 revisited (all)

It was decided not to add any new items on the action plan, but to keep on working on the existing actions.

2.6.1. Best practise for national bibliographies in the digital age

The main focus of the action plan will be put on this site. All section members are asked to provide content, especially use cases and best practises.

There were discussions about the project report. The process seems much more formal than before.

Miriam proposed that large revisions be discussed first with the whole Standing Committee, whereas smaller ones can just be corrected at once and informed about. The meeting agreed to that.

Different issues were discussed, such as the function of the examples. Even though we have many, it is still hard to find something matching what you at a specific time are looking for. Another setup for the examples was discussed. Maybe we could engage the Classification & Indexing Section, who has done similar work? There was also a proposal on using the National Bibliographic Register for scoping and selection and make charts from that. An excel template would be perfect.

The responsibilities of the group members was discussed and decided upon:

  • Scoping and selection: Pat
  • National Bibliographic Register: Pat
  • Organisation: Nikki
  • Purpose & value: Miriam
  • Resource description & standards: Mathilde
  • Collaboration with publishers: Sinnikka in collaboration with Nikki
  • Service delivery: Anke

The editorial working group will apply for project funding in order to hold a midterm meeting. Maybe the meeting could be only between the Europeans. Having Rebecca taking part will be costly and time consuming for her.

2.6.2. Universal Bibliographic Control and the services that can be built upon them. How can our SC be active in promoting further use of national bibliographic data? (Miriam Nauri)

Due to lack of time the chair decided to take this question in writing with the SC after the meeting.

2.6.3.  Name change

A proposal from the chair on a name change of the section was discussed. We not only deal with national bibliographic services today, but also with data and metadata. We should also check our mission statements. It is more important to stress services than ever before. Some proposals were presented by members of the SC:

  • National & cooperative bibliographic services
  • Bibliographic services
  • Bibliographic services and metadata

None of the proposed suggestions really appealed to the members. We need something also including the delivery of metadata, providing metadata. Most members agreed on the positive aspects of a name change, but no one could come up with a suitable name at the present meeting.

It was decided to keep the item in the Action Plan and to discuss it further next year.

2.7.  Major developments (all)

  • Anke reported that all metadata formats have now been published under CCO license.
  • Miriam asked the SC to look at the National Bibliographic Mission. What is our purpose, value, mission, achievements?
  • Natalya invited everyone to the 2nd International Bibliographic Congress in Moscow in October

2.8. End of meeting

Miriam closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending and asked them for a safe trip home.

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