Working groups

Four questions

  • What points should be changed in the current draft Statement of International Cataloguing Principles? Do you agree with the Principles? If not, what should be changed?
  • What changes are needed in the Glossary? Are the terms clear? What terms will you use in your native language for these concepts? (We would like to have the Statement and the Glossary eventually in each language represented by the participants).

If time permits, also cover:

  • What ideas do you have for working more closely together in Africa to share cataloguing information and bibliographic and authority records?
  • What suggestions do you have towards an international cataloguing code?

(Suggested topics – actual topics to be determined by participants)

Working Group 1 – Personal Names 

Goal: Harmonisation in order to create a common authority file (can be "virtual" i.e. linked records for the same entity)

Issues: Differentiation of names – What to do when it is not possible to differentiate? Do all countries differentiate according to AACR? What are the consequences of using undifferentiated names for the international sharing of records?

Working Group 2 – Corporate Bodies 

Goal: Harmonisation of entities and a list of minimal practical proposals for corporate identity

Issues: How do current rules recognise when a corporate body changes/when to make a new authority record for the body? What links are made for earlier/later names of the corporate body?

Working Group 3 – Seriality 

Goal: Agreement on standards and identification of where the rules do not agree with ISBD (CR) for changes that constitute a new work/expression to justify a new record.

Issues: Are current codes and practices in alignment with ISBD (CR) and if not, how do they differ and why? Can they be brought together?

Working Group 4 – Uniform Titles and GMDs – Proposals for Work- and Expression-level Identification and suggestions for GMDs 

Goal: Harmonisation of practice and proposals for new approach to GMDs (to identify type of content and type of carrier) and for collocation at the level of work and expression

Issues: Is there agreement on when to make a uniform title and its collocating and/or identifying purpose? Is there consistency on its structure? Regarding GMDs – they are now a mix of terms for mode of expression (type of content) and format of the manifestation (type of carrier). Can we clarify the purpose of the GMD and offer suggestions of where such information properly belongs in a bibliographic record? Is some of the information now conveyed in the GMD more properly part of a uniform title for the work/expression and others more properly part of the physical description area (ISBD area 5)? Other suggestions?

Working Group 5 – Multivolume/Multipart Structures (Aggregates and Components) 

Goal: Optimise bibliographic sharing and fulfill the principle of identifying all works.

Issues: The use of contents notes, author/title added entries, and analytic records in current codes to identify individual works/expressions contained in a manifestation – how do they differ and why? What solutions for dealing with whole/part situations are needed to accomplish various user tasks?

Last update: 15 April 2016