Professional clinics – one-to-one support for Officers and Information Coordinators

  • Do you have an issue connected with your professional IFLA work that you’d like to discuss with someone from the IFLA Professional Committee or someone from IFLA HQ?
  • Do you feel stuck on a problem with no-one to talk to?

It’s possible to book an appointment to either ask a quick question, or to sit and discuss a problem or challenge in more detail. We will endeavour to do all we can to help – whether that’s to explain a procedure, do an online demonstration, bounce ideas around together, or discuss a problem you’re having.

Don’t feel alone – come and have a chat!

  • Up to 07 August 2017 you can make a booking to meet one of us during the WLIC week.
  • As this is also a changeover year for Professional Committee members we will also try to find a time when the incoming person can also attend. If this is not possible, the incoming Division Chair or PC Chair will be informed.
  • After 07 August bookings may be made in person at the convention centre, subject to availability, at the IFLA Secretariat or the IFLA Booth.

Click here to take you to the Booking form

Using the booking form:

  1. The booking form enables you to request an appointment with one or more of the people listed in the table below on a one-to-one or small group basis.
  2. On receipt of your request, we will attempt to find a day and time that is mutually convenient.
  3. If it is possible, we may try to answer your question by email in advance.
  4. The meetings will be scheduled to take place in one of the WLIC Conference venue's small meeting rooms which may be shared with other consulting groups at the same time. If the meeting requires a more private venue, please indicate this in a comment on the booking form.
  5. If you do NOT wish to make a booking in advance you may still contact members of the Governing Board or Professional Committee or members of IFLA HQ Staff via the IFLA Secretariat or IFLA Booth, at the WLIC Wroclaw Convention Centre.

Consultant Guidance on specialities Sample discussion questions – these are ideas which are not meant to be prescriptive.
Mara Carme Torras I Calvo

PC Chair:

  • Questions that the Divison Chair cannot deal with
  • Appeals

We believe the problem we have is common to other Sections in other Divisions and would like the Professional Committee to discuss possible solutions.

We have discussed the following problem with our Division Chair but would like to bring it to your attention.

We would like to discuss the direction IFLA is taking in relation to the work of our Unit.

Division 1. Raissa Teodori

Division 2. Frederick Zarndt

Division 3. Viviana Quiñones

Division 4. Perry Moree

Division 5. Victoria Okojie

Division Chairs respectively 1-5:

  • Section, unit or division level issues
  • Action plans and annual reports
  • PC Funds requests
  • Projects
  • IFLA publications
  • Global Vision

I am struggling to get participation from other SC members, what should I do?

We have an idea for a project but I’m struggling to plan the work, can you help?

Can you look at our planned activities and give me some guidance as to whether we are on the right track?

We want to ask for some PC Funds for next year, can I discuss the details with you?

Our project last year stalled and no-one’s got time to do any work on it, what should we do?

Jan Richards

IFLA Committee on Standards Chair

  • Funding of Standards work
  • Writing IFLA Standards – procedure and process

Can you guide me through the procedure for proposing a new IFLA Standard?

I would like to discuss our specific standard with you.

How do we find out if our Section’s standard needs revision?

What sort of consultation process should we follow whilst writing our new standard?

Steve Witt IFLA Journal Editor

We have an idea for a theme or an article for the IFLA Journal, can I discuss it with you?

What do we need to do to publish an article in the IFLA Journal?

Joanne Yeomans

IFLA Professional Support Officer:

  • PC Funds
  • Requests to PC
  • Rules and procedures
  • IFLA Standards
  • General questions

How do we go about requesting funding for our project?

Can we talk about how to attract new SC members?

Can you guide me through the procedure for proposing a new IFLA Standard?

Some of our SC never participate – what can I do?

I’ve got a question but I’m not sure who to ask..

Helen Mandl

Manager, Member Services:

  • IFLA publications
  • Communication with IFLA Members
  • Rules and procedures
  • Regional offices and language centres

Can you explain the different kinds of IFLA membership – I’m confused?

How do we contact IFLA Members?

What are the IFLA publishing options and how do we go about planning a publication?

How do we go about getting translations?

Communications staff at IFLA HQ:

Louis Takács (Communications Officer/Web Content Editor);

Evgeni Hristov (Communications and Publishing Assistant);

Maria Violeta Bertolini
(Advocacy Communications Officer)

  • IFLA web pages
  • Communications software and social media, mailing lists, etc.
  • Video, photos, multimedia
You may use the booking form or contact them direct to arrange a meeting through
Other staff at HQ including the Secretary General
  • Global Vision
  • Advocacy and support for advocacy work
  • Cultural heritage projects
  • Capacity building, leadership programme
Use the booking form, or drop in to the IFLA WLIC Secretariat or IFLA Booth at the Wroclaw convention centre.

Last update: 7 July 2017