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Advice for Officers on running successful meetings.

Based on advice and tips shared during Officers' training sessions, a guide on Running succesful Standing Committee meetings has been created to help Section Officers to understand the process of running a successful Section.  It focuses on how Standing Committee members should work together and the importance of high-quality meetings.

See also, the Frequently asked questions about Standing Committee (SC) membership and elections

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Reimbursement claims

Reimbursement claims must follow the Guidelines or the Terms and Conditions above and be accompanied by the relevant receipts and the completed invoice [DOC]. Any claims for items not allowed under the Guidelines or agreed for the Project, or requests for additional money, must first be approved by the Professional Committee.

All claims for reimbursements from Admin or Project Funds must be made before 31 December of the year they are allocated.

  • Invoice template for reimbursements [DOC].


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Last update: 31 May 2018