Event planning

If you plan to organise a meeting, workshop or conference outside the WLIC, the following materials might be useful. For planning Satellite Meetings or WLIC programmes, see the separate pages.


One of the IFLA Sections has shared the materials they use to seek sponsors for their conference. You may like to adapt and use these materials for your own event:

  • Sample sponsor information [DOC]
  • Sample sponsor enquiry form [DOC]


Although IFLA does not have its own specific checklist for making meetings and events accessible, the following resources offer great advice and contain tools to help you plan your event:

Virtual presentations

The News Media Section has some experience using virtual and recorded presentations for presenters who cannot travel to be there in person and they are happy to be contacted to discuss how this worked.

The presenter writes the paper as usual but instead of presenting the paper in person, s/he records the presentation in PowerPoint or as an .mp3 file. The PowerPoint or .mp3 is then played for those attending the meeting. Following the virtual presentation, you may arrange for the presenter to answer questions by Skype video.

Do you have ideas?

Do any Professional Units have ideas or best practice about planning an event? Let me know!

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Last update: 29 May 2017