23 March 2017

Better Laws Need Better Information: Parliamentary Libraries in Latin America to Intensify Cooperation

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals underline the necessity of access to information in order to achieve economic, social and environmental progress. This is no more than important than in the parliaments which debate and scrutinise legislation, and then hold governments accountable for its implementation, on behalf of all citizens.

IFLA President-elect, Glòria Pérez-Salmeron, alongside other Declaration Signatories

IFLA President-elect, Glòria Pérez-Salmeron, with the other signatories to the Declaration

Parliamentary libraries have an essential role in this work, not just providing timely and effective access to knowledge, but also vital information support. They deliver research, analysis, and evaluation of the key issues facing societies today. They are at the heart of efforts to improve the lives of all people.

To realise this rich potential, IFLA brings together parliamentary libraries in order to share experience and ideas, and find solutions to common challenges. The creation of the Network of Parliamentary Libraries for Latin America and the Caribbean, through a joint declaration signed by IFLA President-Elect Glòria Pérez-Salmeron, Alejandro Lorenzo César Santa (General Coordinating Director of the Library of Congress of the Argentine Nation), Manuel Alfonso Pérez Guíñez (Director of the Library of the National Congress of Chile), and José María Hernández Vallejos (General Director of Documentation, Informaiton and Analysis Services of the House of Representatives of Mexico).

The Network will drive close cooperation between parliamentary libraries in the region, and support exchange of experience, legislative research, and professional capacity.

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