Statement of Candidacy: Ágnes Hajdu Barát (Hungary)

For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

2nd term

Ágnes Hajdu Barát

I am honored to be nominated for a place on the Governing Board for the second term.

I have been an active member of IFLA over the past 14 years, serving as a member on the Standing Committee for Knowledge Management Section.

I vow to dedicate my energy and passion to continue the work I started during my first term as a Governing Board member:

  • Working  as a GB liaison of Committee on Standards;
  • Serving as member of Congress Advisory Committee;
  • Contributing the IFLA Strategic Directions 1 Knowledge and Information; Key Initiatives - Information Literacy;
  • Engaging the membership through technological innovation, and expanding opportunities for new librarians;
  • Participating the Library Map of the World project;
  • Collaborating in the assessment process of the successful IFLA International Advocacy Program.

As the president of the Association of Hungarian Librarians (AHL) I will pay particular focus on the growth of the Building Strong Library Associations Programme.

The centuries-old cultural role of libraries and librarians is equally necessary in the 21st century, providing intellectual growth, fresh ideas and widening opportunities both for work and learning. Libraries maintain and serve the cultural needs of local communities including ethnic minorities. Multifaceted library networks, like IFLA guarantee access to assets, the accomplishment of cultural identity, tolerance and multiculturalism.

My professional experience in academic, public and school libraries, leadership roles in associations, and contributions to global projects confirm my ability to continue strategizing to advocate and develop strong libraries for equal and innovative societies.

I am committed to making IFLA’s voice heard by collaborating with our partners, members and officers. I ask for your vote to continue this work during a second term as a member of the IFLA Governing Board.

Ágnes Hajdu Barát
President, Association of Hungarian Librarians
Head, Library Science Department at the Eötvös Loránd University
Budapest, Hungary


Last update: 28 March 2017