8 May 2017

Timisoara: Get to know the city of our WLIC Satellite Meeting

By Jorge do Prado

Our Satellite Meeting is getting closer every day!

This year, the theme is "Libraries & the 2030 UN Agenda: Prospective Information & the Forthcoming Society", and takes place from 15-16 August in Timisoara, Romania.

The satellite location will be in the beautiful Timisoara town of Romania, called "Little Vienna", and a 2021 Cultural Capital of Europe. There are direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona and other European cities. Reachable by bus or train from Budapest and Belgrade. There are also air and train services connections between Timisoara and Wroclaw, Poland, site of the IFLA Congress.

The local hosts organized an "A to Z information about Timisoara" the includes information on hotels, airport, climate, entertainment, electricity and other essentials.

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