Guidelines for off-site WLIC sessions

Organising an off-site session during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress may sometimes be interesting or necessary for a Professional Unit, however, they are not always convenient for Congress delegates. The Professional Committee will therefore only approve off-site sessions if absolutely necessary and according to the guidelines below.


A Professional Unit should only plan off-site sessions if there are compelling reasons to do so.

  • All off-site sessions shall be formally approved by the Professional Committee
  • In principle, a session should only be held off-site if one of the following applies:
    • it is combined with a visit to a special library, not otherwise on the list of site-visits, or
    • a particular set-up is required that cannot be offered at the main congress venue (for example, a computer lab).
    • another compelling reason detailed by the Professional Unit in its Programme Proposal Form and approved by the Professional Committee.
  • The duration of an off-site session cannot be longer than 2 hours (see note (1) below).
  • Attendance at off-site sessions shall be free of charge to Congress attendees; transportation costs from the main conference venue should be zero or kept as low as possible with waivers if a delegate cannot pay (see note (2) below).
  • Off-site sessions that are on the IFLA WLIC Programme can only be attended by delegates registered for the WLIC.


(1) If a Unit wishes to organise an off-site session that is longer than 2-hours then it is encouraged to do so either as a pre- or post-congress Satellite Meeting or as part of a Library Visit on the day after the Closing of the Congress. These events can have light-weight organisation and can offer more flexibility than an off-site session during WLIC. Take a look at the guidelines for organizing Satellite Meetings.

(2) As off-site sessions are an official part of the WLIC Programme, in principle, they should be accessible to any Conference attendee and any costs related to attendance should be covered by the WLIC Registration Fee. If there is an additional cost for transportation to an off-site session, this should be kept to a minimum and a provision should be made in case payment is problematic for a delegate.

Last update: 3 October 2017