14 August 2017

Look out for the IFLA Environment, Sustainability and Libraries SIG's Activities in Berlin & Wroclaw

Download - ENSULIB Program Flyer, 2017

ENSULIB Satellite:  16th –17th Aug Berlin, Germany

Theme: “Collaborative Strategies for Successful Green Libraries: Buildings, Management, Programs and Services".

IFLA Green Library Award: Session 154 - 22nd Aug Wroclaw, Poland

ENSULIB joint session with Public Libraries Section: Session 190 - 23rd Aug Wroclaw, Poland

Theme: "More than Green: Sustainability of practice - Public Libraries & the 2030 United Nations Agenda"

Please contact:

Convenor: Harri.Sahavirta@hel.fi 

Secretary: Petra.Hauke@hu-berlin.de

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