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This page focuses mainly on tools that will help you communicate to your worldwide community.

Contact lists of IFLA Members registered for a Section will be sent to the Officers of that Section twice a year (roughly in November and June).

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Units may translate materials into any language, though are encouraged to try to translate into IFLA's official languages as a first priority.

Units are encouraged to use their own Standing Committee members, or their wider IFLA Member community to help with translations of materials they produce.

A country's National Library or national library association usually likes to be consulted and can advise on accepted or recommended terms.

IFLA's Language Centre staff work voluntarily. They will often be busy translating materials with high priority for advocacy purposes or wide IFLA dissemination. If you wish to approach them to ask for help with a translation, please contact them via IFLA HQ.

Infographics tools

The following tools are free to use, fairly robust, template-based design programs for infographics, wireframes, presentations, etc. They are in English only, and registration is required:

Video production

Units can think about using a video for sharing information or ideas.

Examples of how IFLA units are using videos:

IFLA branding and materials

Note: Unit logos for use on social media are in discussion during 2017.

IFLA web pages


Webinars are short web-based seminars, either live or on-demand, usually transmitting audio and video over the web. As a type of digital event, they are a great way to generate value at a relatively low cost (mainly due to no travelling involved).

These are a good and relatively quick opportunity to share IFLA’s Professional Units work and calls to action, reaching out and engaging with individuals located anywhere in the world, particularly those who may not be able to attend in person events, like the WLIC.

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Last update: 4 October 2018