RALSA Seminar

The Development of Rwanda Archives and Library Services


21 – 23 March 2018


Kigali, Rwanda

IFLA will be represented by Africa Section SC Member Sarah Kaddu


The Rwanda Archive and Library Services Authority (RALSA) is responsible for preserving and sharing the country’s documented cultural heritage. The institution gives access to those who seek Rwanda’s archives from anywhere in the world and manages the nation’s public libraries. Its mission includes preserving information about Rwanda’s history, contributing to the culture of reading and writing, raising funding to support the national archive and library services, issuing instructions that help libraries operate productively, and designing programs that promote the activities of the institution.

RALSA is organising a three-day international seminar with the primary objective of enhancing the professional capacity of RALSA to fast attain international standards. The event will bring together specialists in Archives and Libraries from across the world representing a variety of concerned institutions.

Additional Objectives

  • Develop jointly with professionals, leaders and different stakeholders the strategy to accelerate RALSA’s recognition of intellectual documentary heritage reference of Rwanda,
  • Raise awareness on the importance of intellectual documentary heritage in the socioeconomic development of a country and consolidating its population’s dignity,
  • Strengthen the relationship with similar Institutions and organizations throughout the world


RALSA is expecting tangible outcomes from this international meeting:

  1. Strengthening the structure and functions of RALSA for improving its Services and programs and promoting its relationship with similar Institutions and Organizations;
  2. Dissemination of information on the situation and geographic location of Rwandan documentary heritage as well as preferred user friendly methods for professional service delivery meeting users satisfaction;
  3. Enhancement of Professional knowledge through the inputs of different experts attending the seminar;
  4. Elaboration of a comprehensive report of the Seminar, with recommendations, testimonies, examples, documents that will orient the GoRon how best to effectively channel its support to RALSA’s better achievements

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Last update: 13 April 2018