Professional Unit Reviews

All of IFLA’s Professional Units will undergo regular review by the Professional Committee. These reviews determine how successfully the Unit continues to achieve their objectives, and offers a chance for the Professional Committee to give constructive feedback on areas of activity which can be improved. Officers will be informed when their Unit is coming up for review.

Section Reviews

More information on Section Reviews coming soon.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Reviews

The following SIGs are due for review in 2021:

  • Evidence for Global & Disaster Health
  • Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship
  • Library Publishing

Detailed information on the SIG Review process will be sent to the above SIGs on or before May 7, 2021. Please see the SIG Matters section of the Officers Basecamp for details on the review process, report content and timeline.

The due dates for reviewing the SIGs in 2021 are:

7 June 2021:

  • SIG Convener completes self-study and submits to IFLA HQ
  • HQ to complete data collection

28 June 2021

  • Sponsoring Section report due

19 July 2021:

  • Division Chair report due

August 2021 Professional Committee

  • Professional Committee registers decision.

SIG Purpose

Groups of IFLA Members, or representatives of IFLA Members, may establish Special Interest Groups to address emerging issues, or trends or issues of continuing interest to a relatively small number of IFLA members. Special Interest Groups bring together IFLA members with common and continuing interests that they wish to discuss or explore, but which are not included in the Mission and Goals of an existing Section. Interests may cut across the concerns of multiple Sections, identify and follow an emerging issue or trend, be very specialized, and be relevant to a small number of members.

Once an issue has been explored by the SIG during 4 or 8 years, the Professional Committee wishes to see one of the following occur:

  1. Closure:
    1.1 the topic and its network are incorporated (explicitly or implicitly as relevant) into the mission and activities of an existing IFLA Section (this may be the sponsoring Section or another Section);
    1.2 the topic has been fully examined and no further activity is proposed.
  2. Continuation for defined period:
    the SIG and its sponsoring Section identify an issue that still needs further exploration or an activity that needs carrying out (for example production of a publication) and that cannot easily be managed by the sponsoring Section; for this reason, it is proposed the SIG continues for a specified period of time.
  3. Conversion to Section:
    the topic is so important and wide-ranging that it is proposed a new Section is created for carrying out a range of future activities.

Last update: 3 May 2021