Lithuanian National Bibliography

Title  Lithuanian National Bibliography
Web site address
Start date  Began 1926-1939; 1947-
Period covered  1547 to date – books;
1823  to date – serial publications
Current size  About 1 700 000 bibliographic records in the National Bibliographic Data Bank (NBDB)
Media covered  Books, serials, printed music, maps, sound recordings, video recordings, electronic resources, articles
General selection criteria   Documents in various languages published in Lithuania and received under the legal deposit legislation, publications related with Lithuania in terms of author  and language, and documents of the published heritage
Selection criteria for digital resources  Resources from official publishers, Websites of the Lithuanian domain (lt.) and other domains with Lithuanian content, e. books, continuing resources
Exclusions policies applied Grey literature, ephemera, computer games, blogs
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control Centre of Bibliography and Book Science at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Web site address of national bibliographic agency
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography   The Centre of Bibliography and Book Science takes part in the activities of the following international organisations:
the Permanent UNIMARC Committee (PUC) of IFLA (;
the Standing Committee of IFLA Bibliography Section;
ISO/TC 46 Information and Documentation;
CEN/SS F07 Documentation;
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies   A single integrated national bibliography (National Bibliographic Data Bank (NBDB).The printed national bibliography is issued in separate parts and series according to document type and chronological boundaries. The Centre of Bibliography and Book Science prepares the annual national bibliography index “Bibliografijos žinios” (Bibliographical News) consisting of separate publications: “Knygos” (Books), “Serialiniai leidiniai” (Serials), “Garso ir vaizdo įrašai, elektroniniai ištekliai”  (Sound Recordings, Videorecordings and Electronic Resources). Retrospective bibliography publications: National Bibliography of Lithuania. Series A. Books in Lithuanian; National Bibliography of Lithuania. Series B. Publications of Lithuanian Periodicals, 1823-1940; National Bibliography of Lithuania. Series C. Publications of Lithuanian Periodicals
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography  CIP data; bibliographic records for documents received under the legal deposit legislation and documents of the published heritage created at the Centre of Bibliography and Book Science, The County of Kaunas Public Library and Vilnius University Library
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements  Documents included into the Lithuanian National Bibliography are received under the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania "On the Substitution of the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 22 November 1996 No. 1389 'On the Order of Delivery of Legal Deposit Copies of Publications and Other Documents to Libraries'" of 11 December 2006 No. 1240
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme   We take participation in the CIP programme, which is coordinated by the Centre of Bibliography and Book Science. The CIP agency creates prepublication record on the basis of the template filled in by the publisher. This is primary data about the forthcoming document. After the document is received, this data is supplemented and an extensive bibliographic record corresponding the requirements for the national bibliography is created.
Media & format options Online data bank; and the printed Lithuanian National Bibliographic Index
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Online data bank, access through Z.39.50, SRU/SRW
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Full-text digital reproductions of documents belonging to the published heritage offered
Web 2.0 services offered They are on our future schedule
Frequency of service updates  The data within the National Bibliographic Data Bank (NBDB) are updated daily; the printed national bibliography is issued once a year
Target audiences for services Research, academic, public and other libraries, publishers, researchers, students, other user categories
Uses made of  services offered Cataloguing, preparation of bibliographical and statistical publications, publishing activities
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services Free of charge services
Availability of metadata for re-use Unlimited
Metadata formats UNIMARC Manual Bibliographic Format. 3rd ed. München: K.G. Saur, 2008
Cataloguing code  ISBD adapted to local needs; “Guidelines for the Creation of Machine-Readable Bibliographic and Authority Records”;  “Rules for Cataloguing Older Monographic Publications”
Levels of description offered Comprehensive ISBD
Subject standards  LESH (Lithuanian version); UDC notation translated into Lithuanian
Name authority standards UNIMARC Manual Authorities Format. München: K.G. Saur, 2009
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? Yes

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Last update: 2 May 2018