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Campaign for the World’s Libraries Spreads

Since its launch in 2001, the American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) have worked together to promote and highlight the ‘Campaign for the World’s Libraries.’  The public awareness campaign is designed to showcase the unique and vital roles played by public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide and to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century.

Taiwan Gets Real For Its Campaign

In Dec. 2010, The Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan) joined the Campaign for the World’s Libraries.  The Campaign external goals are under the unified brand to provide a face to the public of the vitality of the libraries and various services now being offered.

The campaign started with two major projects.  First, ‘REAL @ your library’ unveiled at the opening of the incredible new National Taichung Library in May this year. ‘REAL @your library’ summarizes and exemplifies the four library visions: R for Reading, E for Exploration, A for recreAtion, and L for Learning.

The slogan was featured prominently during grand opening activities, and is displayed at the top of the library’s website.  ‘Real @ your library’ also now appears on library cards, and on posters for any presentation at the library.

The second initiative, started in June 2012, all public libraries hosted “ Caldecott Medal Winners and Honor Books Exhibition @your library’ with exhibitions and programming around the books selected by Associaiton of Library Services to Children (ALSC), the children’s services division of the American Library Association. 

The focus on children’s literature continued through April 2013 with ‘Enjoy Picture Books @ your library.’  Each month during the year specific winners collections will be highlighted through integrated promotion- posters, brochures, etc.  In August the focus wason the works of the recently passed Maurice Sendak.  His books will be featured in different languages, e-books, and artworks, with corresponding lectures and workshops.


In 2010 the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Latvian National Library and Library Association of Latvia organized campaign „Pasaule t@vā bibliotēkā” (“World @ Your Library”). Libraries from all of Latvia took part in the campaign and encouraged children and young people to enquire about exotic places and cultures. The Library Association of Latvia has gained valuable experience and are continuing as second phase of their campaign The association created a web page for the campaign at where in a special world map places learnt about at libraries of Latvia are noted.  

The 2011 theme for the campaign „Pasaule t@vā bibliotēkā” (“World @ Your Library”)  is the study and promotion of world cultural heritage and it has two main objectives: firstly, to promote Latvian libraries as a modern information resource, to invite children and young people to learn about  other countries and cultures by reading books and maps, and using all the resources available at the library, and, secondly, to encourage children and young people to learn about the world, to promote understanding about world cultural heritage (based on UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list). UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list contains more than 750 objects of culture and nature. The uniqueness and beauty of these places describes the diversity of our planet and its inhabitants.


The Library Association of Barbados (LAB) got involved with the Campaign for the World’s Libraries in 2010 to make a commitment to expose the public of Barbados to the values of the Campaign and to highlight the roles of libraries and the work of librarians.

The Committee, with the assistance of the Library and Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA), which had developed a similar campaign decided to launch a poster competition.  The competition was geared towards young people and would allow them to express how they saw the library in their community through the theme, “Building Strong Communities @your library.”  The competition was launched in September 2010 and was divided into 3 age groups.

There were over 300 entries in the various age groups.  This poster competition was very successful, not only from the point of view of the entries and the attention that it received but also from the level of corporate sponsorship for prizes!

The posters were printed and distributed across Barbados in schools, supermarkets, stores, bus stations and other public spaces. The Library Association of Barbados met with the State owned Transport Board, who  agreed to partner with LAB and have allowed the use of the sides of two buses to display the posters and any other relevant messages. 

As part of the overall strategy, LAB is engaged with the Association of Guidance Counselors, who run several careers showcases throughout the year in the various schools, in order to make them aware that librarianship is a viable and rewarding profession. It is hopeful that there will be a heightened awareness of the roles of libraries and librarians as LAB continues its programmes.

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Last update: 24 March 2014