Librarians from around the world have some great stories to tell. Here are some favorite quotes from our series of interviews:

"Our library is not just a library, but really a 'complex': it houses the entire library collection in addition to conference centers, museums, and special research centers focusing on celebrating Egypt’s heritage." — librarian, Egypt

"We define [reference] as providing assistance to our users so they can access the most up-to-date documents in our archives which deal with such matters as maritime business and environmental regulations." — librarian, Brazil

"I define reference as the systematic process of leading library users to the information they're looking for." — librarian, Nigeria

"The library's mission is to support the academic institution's instructional, curricular, and research programs through organized, relevant, and fast delivery of information services." — librarian, Philippines

"We define reference services as [examining] the information needs of our users and to satisfy them in the fastest, most efficient way possible with precise, up to date information." — librarian, Venezuela

"The [library's] main mission is teaching information literacy, giving information services, and helping with reading." — librarian, St. Maarten

"The 24/7 nature of my work is an exciting challenge as individuals expect a response immediately to their reference questions." — librarian, Canada

"The library should both meet and expand on the standards expected by other sources of information, such as personal friends or popular search engines." — librarian, Singapore

"We will go where the users are and we will focus on information literacy." — librarian, Philippines

"It’s very rewarding to see a patron so relieved, grateful, and appreciative of the help they received. It’s so rewarding to know that you helped them solve a problem they were stressing about and struggling with. It’s wonderful to know you’ve helped them move forward." — librarian, Canada

"Contemporary users have high expectations from libraries today." — librarian, Philippines

"The mission of the library is to support the teaching, research and outreach programmes of the University, through the provision of access to information resources in all formats" — librarian, Trinidad & Tobago

"The mission of the library is to promote itself as the best place for learning, leisure, and information, and as the heart and mind of New Zealand." — librarian, New Zealand

"It is the library's goal to sustain and enhance the University’s excellence as an institution of higher learning, as a pre-eminent international university in Asia, and to provide outstanding teaching and world-class research support collections and services so as to produce well-rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide leadership..." — librarian, China

"We agree that reference service is a kind of service which is based on the [needs] of readers." — librarian, China

Reference and Information Services

Last update: 16 May 2018