Workshop on Health Information Literacy

Year: 2011
Region: Asia and Oceania
Country: Bangladesh
Organisation: East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The final project report is now available

The project will:

  1. Create awareness of health information literacy among students, researchers, faculty and library and information professionals,
  2. Provide hands on training about when and why health information is needed, where to find that information, how to evaluate, communicate and use health information in an ethical and legal manner,
  3. Develop critical thinkers and independent learners, as well as training resources for quality education, research, and capacity building among the stakeholders at other academic institutions

The project has three phases:

1. International workshop on health information literacy for library professionals

  • Four day workshop, 25 library and health information professionals will participate. Training will cascade to phase two and three.

2. Training on health information literacy program for researchers and students in Bangladesh

  • Two training programmes, 20 students and 10 faculty members will participate in each programme. Trainers were trained in phase 1.

3. Training for senior library and health information professionals of other universities

  • One day training for 20 local library and health information professionals. Trainers were trained in phase 1.

Workshops will utilise the IFLA Public Access to Health Information, and Access to information on HIV/AIDS through Libraries training packages.

Copies of the output in the form of training materials and manuals will be distributed freely to all institutions working in the area of health information literacy. East West University will work with the Bangladesh Library association to select participants in the project.

Focal Areas

The project will focus on the following ALP focal areas:

  1. Libraries and literacy: libraries as promoters of information literacy and lifelong learning, and combating functional illiteracy
  2. Access to information through ICT in libraries, and ICTD
  3. Promotion of continuing professional development

LDP (Library Development Programme)

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