25 November 2011

Interview with Teresa Hackett: Positive and thoughtful engagement of Member States at WIPO

Teresa Hackett, EIFL-IP Program Manager, has participated at WIPO meetings since 2000. She chairs the IFLA Working Group that developed the Treaty proposal on copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives. We asked her why copyright limitations and exceptions are so important for libraries, her thoughts after three days of library discussions and the next steps at WIPO.

IFLA: Why are copyright limitations and exceptions so important for libraries?
Teresa Hackett: Copyright limitations and exceptions are the basis for the use of copyright works in libraries. Without them, libraries and the people using libraries, could only view or read copyright materials. All other uses would require permission, an impractical situation that would hamper library functions and prevent important library services to users.

What are your conclusions after these three days?

This was the first time that libraries and archives were the focus of discussion at SCCR, a historic occasion. I am delighted at the positive and thoughtful engagement of Member States from all parts of the world in the discussion over the last three days. I am heartened by their recognition of the role of libraries in advancing knowledge, and the role of limitations and exceptions in enabling libraries to carry out our public service function. The proposals by the African Group, the United States and Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay, and the identification of specific work topics signals a positive start and provides a concrete basis for discussion.
And what are the next steps?

The next steps are to work with Member States over the rest of the meeting so that the conclusions reflect the discussion and outcomes, and we have a roadmap for future work.

Thank you.

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