WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights by CLA (2010)

21st Session: Geneva, 8-12 November 2010
Agenda item 7: Limitations and exceptions

Canadian Library Association

Intervention by The Canadian Library Association

Mr. Chairman, this is the first time that the Canadian Library Association takes the floor at SCCR and we are very pleased to join colleagues from the four other organizations representing the library and archive community at this meeting in expressing our appreciation of the focus of the SCCR on exceptions and limitations, and the extensive support for including libraries and archives in the discussion.

CLA believes that libraries and the principles of intellectual freedom and free universal access to information are key components of an open and democratic society. We act as advocate and public voice, educator and network for Canadian librarians and work to build the Canadian library and information community and community and the services it provides to society. Our membership is very diverse and works in college, university, public, corporate, non-profit, government and school libraries.

CLA is concerned about the impasse at the last SCCR and supports the suggestions by Member States that the way forward is through the development of a work plan that both recognizes the readiness of the treaty for visually impaired and reading disabled people to move ahead without delay, and that allows for the introduction of a parallel track of discussions about limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives, and for education, considering each issue on its own merit and state of readiness.

CLA recognizes that each of these three issues is at differing levels of maturity and urges that the cart not be put before the horse! We fully expect that substantive issues with regard to exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives will very soon be ready for discussion by this Committee. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that since the treaty for visually impaired and reading disabled people is extremely advanced in its development, it not be held back in any way.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

Victoria Owen: owen@utsc.utoronto.ca 
Canadian Library Association: www.cla.ca

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